Peace Process



We, the Brothers and Sisters of the Fraternal Order of Heureka and the Sororal Order of Candela, express condolences and sympathy for the farmers of Kidapawan, and hereby condemn and denounce in the strongest sense the violent dispersal of our demonstrating farmers last April 01, 2016 in the City...Read More

The last glimpse of paradise

Around 1:00 pm, 23 May 2017, after completing a make-up class of our law school subject, my friends invited me to go with them to Padian, the famous public market located in barangay Banggolo, the business district of Marawi city, to unwind following the completion of successive final...Read More

The Radicalization of Southeast Asia

If terrorism were to be tools to encourage unity amongst men in Islam, our long centuries-old traditions in Southeast Asia to do with Muslim royalties, people espousing radical views replace ‘traditions’ to them is already a serious violation; in fact heads could roll as a matter of consequence...Read More

Extremism: Self-preservation not religion

In recent years, the world has experienced some of the worst man-made tragedy: the attack of World Trade Center in New York, the bombing in London, Bali, Madrid, Beslan in Russia, and other similar horrific incidents. Notably, these and other tragedies have one thing in common – justified by...Read More

Extrajudicial Killing

How safe is extrajudicial killing? Is it good or not? Is it exercised rightfully? Or rather, is it based on a personal desire? Before, I just watched it in the television, heard it over the radio or read it in the newspaper. Yet, to experience it in your family, it is like the heavens fall. It...Read More

Study of Law

(Speech delivered during 2016 Association of Law Students of the Philippines National Convention held at Arellano University.)Thank you for the courteous introduction. I would like to insist, however, that you call me without title or simply Ronel, as I am not an attorney, at least not yet. I have...Read More

Philippine Elections

Everyone wants to have power in this world. Money defines their status quo in life. Through it, they can control everything they want. An existing class arises that controls the proletariat. It seems that, everything I read in the newspapers and articles, disparity would arise regarding these...Read More

So Another One Dies

To name some of the deaths in the last five years, we have Atty. Manolo Zerna of Negros Oriental, Atty. Xerxes Balios Camacho, Atty. NicomedesRomagos of Masbate, Atty. SulpicioLandicho of Batangas, Atty. Ernesto Salunat of Nueva Vizcaya, Prosecutor MacadatarMarsangca of Iligan City, Judge Reynaldo...Read More

A day behind prison walls

Last August 28, 2015, Palawan Cradle of Rights coordinated with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology for a visit at the Puerto Princesa City jail where several 4th year students of the Practicum class under Professor Julius Concepcion rendered free legal assistance to the inmates. This...Read More

A Call for Due Process

The Constitution guarantees everyone the right to due process. The right is so fundamental that its non-observance will result to accuseds acquittal. In criminal prosecution, due process requires strict adherence to Miranda rights or rights under custodial investigation, a bundle of rights...Read More


Is an Non-Government Organization Catering Youth Services


Liceo Legal Aid Center (LiLAC) doing business under the name and style of Center for Alternative Lawyering of Liceo is the legal aid center of Liceo de Cagayan University, a privately owned university based in Cagayan de oro City. The group is composed of law students, alumni of the College of Law of the University, and lawyers who are passionate in the practice of alternative lawyering. LiLAC is guided by its vision of a holistic formation of law students committed to the transformation of society by promoting justice, empowerment, unity and peace, through helping the marginalized sector of the depressed areas here in Mindanao, in the Philippines and in the world. While the group was registered only this year with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it has been providing services to marginalized communities in partnership with NGOs for more than 8 years now. LiLAC has more than 50 members, 15 of whom are taking the active role of running the groups activities.


The Mindanao State University Legal Aid Clinic or Mindanao SULAC for brevity, is the Legal Aid Clinic of Mindanao State University College of law. It is the first and currently the only one of its kind to be established in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). It strives to cater the legal needs of the underprivileged and/or indigent clients of the Region and to help promote the proper administration of justice as a key to lasting peace in the region and in the country as a whole.

Office Address: 1F MSU College of Law Bldg.,
MSU Main Campus, Marawi City 9700 Philippines
Contact details:
Mobile No.: (+63) 907 336 7762



The Notre Dame university is a Catholic Institution in Cotabato City run by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and member of the Notre Dame Educational Association Philippines.The Notre Dame University Legal Aid Center started sometime in 2009. Its members are the officially enrolled students of NDU-College of Law.

The following are the official pages and e-mail address of the group:


The Palawan Cradle of Rights is a unified composition of law students from Palawan State university school of Law, established last August 26, 2013 after the culminating activity of the Basic Orientation Seminar by the US Embassy in partnership with the MYVC.

Through our linkages and with the help of the different Government and Non-government organizations we aim to provide free access to people who need legal assistance.


The University of Mindanao Legal Aid Network (ULAN) is a non-stock, non-profit, and service institution of the University of Mindanao. As a service institution, it provides legal assistance, advocates human rights and social justice, and facilitates the formation of law students for alternative lawyering. It consists of law students and alumni of the College of Legal Education of the University of Mindanao committed to provide an adequate and greater access to justice of the community through its programs.


The CENTRO ADVOCACIA LEGAL is organized exclusively for charitable, socio-cultural and educational purposes, more specifically to serve the needs of the marginalized communities specifically children and youth and the minorities in Zamboanga City through Legal Aid Assistance and Human Rights Based Advocacies.